Please Don’t Be Jealous

I live in a state where the Legislature takes time out from battling poverty and crime to pass Senator Carole Migden’s SB 1253, which designates Zinfandel as California’s “historic wine.” The bill was passed by the state Assembly “on a bipartisan 46-20 vote on August 10 and now awaits Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature to become law.” This is a good example of my tax dollars at work.

Not surprisingly, the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) organization is happy. ZAP is a “non-profit educational organization” that “was not involved in the introduction of the bill, [but] it is extremely pleased by the Legislature’s actions.”

“It’s unprecedented that a state legislature would recognize wine and celebrate the agricultural foundation that produces it,” commented Zinfandel vintner Julie Johnson (of Tres Sabores in Napa ), ZAP’s immediate past Board President. “Yes, we’re incredibly proud that it’s Zinfandel and the move to address the role of our beverage of choice in our culture is just incredible. We are all proud of Zinfandel’s great past and now look forward to an equally robust and fruity future,” she added.

Now, if the phrase “fruity future” made you giggle (or smirk), please brace yourself for this next quote. Are you sitting down? Okay, here goes:

“This has been a ‘zin-fully’ fun bill because it honors Zinfandel’s important contribution to our state’s history, brings recognition to one of our most important industries and uncorks the esprit-de-corps of Californians everywhere,” explained Senator Migden. “Now we know there’s at least one thing that Democrats and Republicans can come together over - wine! What could be more Californian than that?”

Yes, we have state legislators who use the word “zin-fully.” Please don’t be jealous.

Why Zinfandel, you may ask? The Senator explained that Zinfandel played a major role in establishing California’s wine trade and the grape has adapted to many regions in the state. She also remarked that “the fruit yields a ‘darn good bottle’ for about $20.”

If all this talk about Zinfandel makes you want to learn more about its role in the California wine industry, there are entire books devoted to the topic, one of which is pictured above called Zinfandel: A History of a Grape and Its Wine (California Studies in Food and Culture Series).

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