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The plethora of blog events for the foodie side of things is large. There are Sugar High Fridays, End of Months with eggs, cookbook challenges and parcel exchanges. For the wine arena, there are just two.

Wine Blogging WednesdayThe grand-daddy of them all is, of course, Lenndevours’ Wine Blogging Wednesday. It has now reached its 25th monthly edition to be hosted by Sam of Beck and Posh. The idea behind this event is to buy a wine and report on it to a theme set by the host. In the past, there have been themes covering Spanish Reds and White Pinot. I selected Obscure Red Varietals for the 7th round back in March 2005.

Sam has selected Champagne as the theme and, true to her foodie credentials, has asked for some food matching experiments to accompany the normal tasting note. For some reason, Champagne seldom appears as a tasting note on blogs. Perhaps because they are relativly expensive, or maybe because they are harder to construct a tasting note around. It will be interesting to see what the blogging world comes up with. I have put together a few notes on food matching with champagne over on Spittoon; as you can see, there is more to consider than just oysters!

Combations food and wine matchingThe other wine blog event is Combinations. To differentiate it from Wine Blogging Wednesday, myself and Beau of Basic Juice thought up the idea, just a few months ago, for the host to select a recipe and for others to find a wine match. Of course recreating the recipe has thrown up a few difficulties in finding the right ingredients ,but bloggers are nothing if not resourceful.

This rounds recipe was selected by Benito - a superb sounding dish imparting the real flavours of his home city - Grilled Mint Julep Lamb Chops with Slow Cooked Green Beans. He hails from Memphis. Lots to think about here too in selecting a wine; should be some interesting matches.

Wine Blogging Wednesday #27 falls on 13th September.
Combinations #5 ends on 24th August.

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