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Zinfandel - not to be California’s historic wine

Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed the idea of making Zinfandel California’s ‘historic wine.’
He said that as California produces many wines from many different grape varietals, it would be “inappropriate” to single out just one for any special recognition.
“It would be a shame to recognize only one as California’s historic wine.”
The author of the idea, Senetor Migden, […]

Direct Shipping Rules Continue to Confuse

Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee made an interesting discovery last week when touring the Finger Lakes region of New York. While the Supreme Court’s decision lifting restrictions on the shipping of wine interstate was met with glee by many wineries, some are still confused about the practical application of the decision. The […]

Grapes Going to the Birds?

While bird lovers might find the image of flocks of small winged starlings soaring above and alighting atop vineyards enchanting, this sight is a nightmare for grape growers and other fruit producers. Starlings are particularly upsetting, since they are quick and efficient when it comes to effectively decreasing crop yields with their greedy beaks.
Traditional […]

Drink This Wine

Sometimes I’m asked about the style of Pinot Noir that I’m most passionate about. Assuming that the wine is free of flaws and well balanced, there are three things (well, four, but who’s counting?) that I look for specifically.

1) That amazing, ephemeral floral quality that is unique to Pinot. I sometimes describe it as candied […]

Wine & Dine Radio–Listen online–Send your thoughts.

This week on Wine & Dine Radio …
Alan Goldfarb, Napa Valley Regional Correspondent, talks about Global Warming in Napa Valley in a recent interview with Napa Valley resident, grape-grower, Laurie Wood.
Justin Boeger, Winemaker, Boeger Winery, Eldorado AVA, Sierra Foothills, CA, President, ZAP–Zinfandel Advocates & Producers educational non-profit organization, on CA Senate Bill 1253, […]

Temecula Valley Recovers

“Sharpshooter” is a dirty word in California’s Temecula Valley. Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee recalls a time seven years ago when “the glassy-winged sharpshooter was proliferating in Riverside County, especially in the Temecula Valley, where it was spreading Pierce’s disease, which clogs the circulatory system of grapevines, blocking their flow of nutrients and […]

New Airline Security Regulations Bad News for Wine

With amped-up security at airports banning any liquid carry-on items, travelers heading home from wine country may be faced with a tough decision. The natural inclination for most has been to carry wine aboard the aircraft, which is no longer an option. A McClatchy-Tribune article explain some winemakers’ fears that the new security measure […]

Please Don’t Be Jealous

I live in a state where the Legislature takes time out from battling poverty and crime to pass Senator Carole Migden’s SB 1253, which designates Zinfandel as California’s “historic wine.” The bill was passed by the state Assembly “on a bipartisan 46-20 vote on August 10 and now awaits Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature to become […]

Winning Friends, Influencing People

You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy a great glass of grape juice from time to time. But sometimes it’s nice to have the upper hand when it comes to wine knowledge. Lots of Wine Sediments readers are impressively informed, but for those who are more oenologically challenged (hey, you gotta start […]

No-oak Is On the Move

According to the Sacramento Bee’s wine expert, Mike Dunne, the practice of avoiding fermentation and aging in oak barrels for chardonnays is on the rise. To determine the effect of this trend, Dunne tried two chardonnays, both from St. Supry Vineyards & Winery in the Napa Valley. The first was St. Supry’s 2005 Napa Valley […]