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Will a ros by any other name still be sweet?

By Jamie Gabrini
The Wine Chicks
Summertime means time for outdoor events. And outdoor events mean picnics. And picnics, dear readers, mean finding the perfect summery wine.
Shakespeare in the Park is a tradition in many cities throughout the United States. Id never gone to performances in Central Park in New York because, well, um — I […]

Italian Wines Score a Marketing GOOOOOAAAAL

By Tom Wark
I heard from a couple of importers of Italian wines. Each believes Italy’s win in the World Cup final will translate into increased sales for Italian wines in America.
While the connection seems a bit vacant on the surface, when you dig down deep into how we focus in our purchasing decisions, the assumption […]

Online ‘Combinations’ celebrates the marriage of food & wine

By Andrew Barrow
Here, on these pages, I had a rant a few weeks back. Basically I got all het-up about the lack of wine coverage on any cooking blog. Many bloggers plough hours of writing and research and the cooking on a dish or a series of dishes and never mention which wine they […]

50 in 50 #8: Utah — Spanish Valley Vineyard & Winery

By Lenn Thompson

As wine blogging star Beau Jarvis of BasicJuice will attest, Utah can be an interesting state when it comes to alcohol. But, much like North Dakota last week, I know very little about Utah…except this time the HBO show “Big Love” is my source of Utah information instead of the movie “Fargo.”
But, even […]

Two-Buck Chuck Impresses Critics As Well As Customers

By Cate O’Malley
Can a bottle of wine that costs only $1.99 really taste good? Some critics seem to think so.
Two Buck Chuck is the affectionate nickname given to Charles Shaw wine, sold exclusively by Trader Joes. ABC News did a blind taste test recently and pitted both the red and white […]