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Supermarket WinesThe writers here at Wine Sediments are always hunting out the new, the obscure and the good in our ever-continuing hunt for vino experiences.

The more obscure the grape variety, the smaller the production, the more interesting the wine maker and it is guaranteed to get us excited. But there is a need to remember that the vast majority of wine consumed is not the rare or the obscure. No matter how hard we and the mainstream wine press try, the average wine consumer is going to go for the big brands. Brands and familiar names - Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Bridge this, River that.

With such a huge percentage of wine being sold in the supermarkets (at least in the UK), it is these huge producers that can offer money off deals, can pay for increased facings, gondular ends, floor stacks and so on to entice the consumer to part with their 4.99. It is not the hand crafted wines that we love that sell. Not in the huge quantities that supermarkets require.

The top brands in the UK have changed little over the last year. The quality - drinkable, consistent - is not in question. If they were not any good, would anyone actually buy them? But for the wine lover, they appear dull, often confected. How many of these have you tried in the last year? And how many have seen reviewed on your favourite wine blog?

Top 12 wine brands in the UK’s Supermarkets

1 (1) Hardys (Australia)
2 (3) Blossom Hill (USA)
3 (4) Gallo (USA)
4 (2) Jacob’s Creek (Australia)
5 (5) Kumala (South Africa)
6 (6) Stowells (mixed)
7 (8) Banrock Station (Australia)
8 (10) Wolf Blass (Australia)
9 (7) Lindemans (Australia)
10 (12) JP Chenet (France)
11 (22) Echo Falls (USA)
12 (11) Isla Negra (Chile)

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Reader Comments

have to say i really didn’t enjoy the JP Chennet Cabernet-Syrah I tried yesterday evening. Not the best.

Not the best of brands is JP Chenet - the old fashioned bottle is about the best thing going for it in my opinion.