Going Pink

Regular visitors to my own site, Sweetnicks, know I’m a little fond of the color pink. So when Family Circle magazine’s recent wine recommendations were all pink picks, I was tickled. And heck, if their recommendations are to be believed, they’re bargains at $8 and under. Now granted, Family Circle isn’t the first place you normally check for wine recommendations … but what if they’re onto something? Surprisingly enough, other critics agreed.

They recommend:

Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio: Characteristic crisp finish of Italy’s classic grape; a hint of citrus balanced with sweet; a pretty, pale hue; $8.

Frutezia, Clifornia Passion Blend: Appealing natural flavors of strawberry and kiwi; slightly effervescent; lower alcohol (6%) than most options; $4.

Pink Penguin, Australia: Fresh, full-bodied wine made from Shiraz grapes; warm pink color; a hint of sweetness; $8.

Red Bicyclette, France: Light, surprisingly dry, deep reddish pink; $8.

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