Six Things I learned this week — and some are about wine

By Andrew Barrow

wine bottle and glass

Six things I have learned this week:

1 - I really don’t enjoy . The Leasingham is packed full of lime flavours but plenty of spritz too much of which I never enjoy in a bottle.

2 - Maybe a simple salad was not the best dish to serve with it. The winemaker at Amietta in Geelong suggests Japanese food with his Riesling. (As detailed in an interview with Cam Wheeler of Appellation Australia).

3 - Wine Charms - sorry Benito but they are naffness beyond compare.

4 - The UK is under-represented in flavoured Kit Kats. Not high on most wine lovers list of priorities I admit. The Japanese luxuriate with a wine flavoured version, lucky buggers.

5 - I have been trying various wines on offer at my local wine shop. Two for a tenner being the most usual deal. And I can’t think of a single thing to say about any of them. That’s not quite true in that I could scribble a few platitudes and pluck some fruits to add a little juiciness to a note. But they are all dull. Drinkable certainly and I am sure many would be more than happy drinking copious amounts of them, but not me. A Chilean Riesling (oh dear), a passable Chilean Viognier, an Australian Chardonnay (nasty) and a Sauvignon Blanc that could have come from anywhere and probably did. How do the writers on the national papers cope with writing about this stuff week in week out? Their notes are generally short so perhaps they don’t have to worry. My aim was to find something that punches above its 4.99 level; so far I haven’t found anything and wish I had spent the money on a bottle or two at 15 plus. At least then I should guarantee an interesting, thought-provoking drinking experience rather than scratching my head.

6 - Most wine photography is boring. A bottle, a label, a glass, maybe even a cork or corkscrew. Amateurs seem to be more creative and inspiring and show up my humble photography for what it is… not as great as I wish. The challenge on my Foodography Flickr group this month is Wine Bottle and Glass.

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