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Have you heard of the wine-smelling robot? It is to be used to detect grape variety and provenance of the wine being tested.
Pinot Blogger debunks ten wine myths - from wine turning to vinegar overnight to the benefits of smelling a cork.
The food and wine matching blog-challenge - Combinations - this month is […]

Wine with Pizza?

Why not? A recent issue of Italian Cooking & Living recommends La Corte Re 2003 to go with the full-bodied flavor of pizza and pasta. An offering from Chris Raglands collection, its robust ruby color will draw you in and the intense palate of wild berries will keep you drinking more.
From the 2003 harvest in […]

Nancy Smay - Bio

Nancy Smay is a full-time freelance writer who maintains her own blog, AdLib, which offers ramblings on wine, travel and life. Smay currently lives in San Diego, though shes undergoing heavy wine therapy in preparation for an upcoming cross-country move to Maryland, a state that doesnt allow interstate wine shipping. Splitting her efforts between private […]

Supermarket Wine Brands

The writers here at Wine Sediments are always hunting out the new, the obscure and the good in our ever-continuing hunt for vino experiences.
The more obscure the grape variety, the smaller the production, the more interesting the wine maker and it is guaranteed to get us excited. But there is a need to remember that […]

Going Pink

Regular visitors to my own site, Sweetnicks, know I’m a little fond of the color pink. So when Family Circle magazine’s recent wine recommendations were all pink picks, I was tickled. And heck, if their recommendations are to be believed, they’re bargains at $8 and under. Now granted, Family Circle isn’t the first place you […]

Cate O’Malley - Bio

Consider me a wine virgin. Admittedly, when I’m drinking wine, it’s usually because it’s part of a cocktail I made, like White Wine Strawberry Sangria. I am on a mission to find wines I like all by themselves, and I know the, ahem, research is going to be fun. When I’m not popping in here, […]

By Madeline Miller
When wine experts make a “best of” list, it can often be disheartening to the average wine drinker. It is simply not practical for most people to spend $80 on a bottle of wine, unless it is for a special occasion. So what can we drink with dinner without affecting our […]

Winters? Where’s That?

By Madeline Miller
If you believe the Sacramento Bee, the world should take notice of wineries in California outside the Napa Valley. The number of wineries in the lesser-known areas of “Winters in Yolo County, Dixon in Solano County and Isleton in the Delta” is growing. To help educate us, the Bee gives a […]

Madeline Miller - Bio

I think the fact that I am a second-generation Californian (there’s not that many of us) living only 45 minutes from Napa automatically qualifies me to write for Wine Sediments. You want more than that? Um, I like to drink wine and I like to write. I also dive into learning a […]

Six Things I learned this week — and some are about wine

By Andrew Barrow

Six things I have learned this week:
1 - I really don’t enjoy Australian Riesling. The Leasingham is packed full of lime flavours but plenty of spritz too much of which I never enjoy in a bottle.
2 - Maybe a simple salad was not the best dish to serve with it. The winemaker at […]