ZINFANDEL…America’s Wine

By Tom Wark

No matter what the politicians say on the matter, there is no debating the fact that Zinfandel IS “America’s Wine”. Those who make Chardonnay or Syrah may not like this fact, but their discontent doesn’t make the fact go away.

Because our country is the very definition of diversity and conglomeration, there are really so few things that can be called “uniquely American.” Our national foods tend to be updates of foods developed in other countries. Our founding principles, while steeped in the unique experience of the open American landscape, were in large part informed by the philosophies of the Enlightenment, British liberalism and ancient Greek philosophy.

Yet among those things that that Americans can claim as originally ours — such as baseball, the two-party system, liberal free market capitalism, Hollywood, Jazz and pop rocks — is Zinfandel … the wine.

It’s appropriate that we study and celebrate something that is uniquely American. Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) is the organization that seems dedicated to both the celebration and the study of the American Wine. The Annual ZAP tasting in January in San Francisco is the free-for-all Zinfandel lovefest that attracts thousands of Zin lovers.

But ZAP’s ZINPOSIUM is the event that delves deep into the American grape and wine and explores its significance.

Sponsored by ZAP and to be held in Napa, California July 7- 9, ZINPOSIUM will bring together winemakers, Zinfandel growers, retailers, wholesalers, restaurateurs, wine writers, the the zin-loving public and bloggers for an in-depth study of the grape.

Here are some of the sessions and seminars and tastings that will take place at ZINPOSIUM:

– This is Zin: Fall in Love with Americas Heritage Wine

– Terroir and ZinRegional Tasting Walkabout

– The Newest American Revolution is 150 Years Old. ZIN! Why Zinfandel? An Overview of Its Appeal

– State of Zinfandel Today

– Zin Takes the Heat: Debunking the Myths

– Let’s Order Zin: What’s Driving On-Premise Sales

– Lets Take It Home: Zinfandel in the Retail Channel

– Its a Sin Not to Dine with Zin

– Standing Out From the Crowd: Zinfandel Marketing Innovations

– Zinfandel Culture: A Perspective on the Evolution of Zinfandel.

From the looks of it, you might think that this is an event geared toward the wine professional. In reality you are looking at the kind of event that is far more intimate and more likely to appeal to the diehard Zin lover who wants to learn. And among those who read about wine here or elsewhere on a regular basis, take the time to attend large tastings of wine, and who have become students of the beverage, ZINPOSIUM takes you into the heart of the matter.

The cost to attend ZINPOSIUM runs from $295 to $395, not including lodging.

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Reader Comments

Tom…no argument here that Zin is truly AmericaN, wine, but saying that it is America’S wine might be a California-centric view of things.

Zin doesn’t do well here at all. People have tried. It’s too humid and zin’s skin is just too thin. I live in America…just outside of wine country but “America’s wine” isn’t grown here.

Just trying to keep you west coast types honest.