Port the Latest to ‘Go Organic’

By Andrew Barrow

Fonseca logoPort house Fonseca has released a fully certified organic Port - Terra Prima.

Terra Prima Organic Reserve, to give its full title, has been in development since the founding of an organic vineyard inside Quinta do Panascal in 1992. This small plot of land was one of the first in the Douro Valley to be organically farmed and has provided Fonseca intimate knowledge of the required viticultural practices needed to produce an organic port.

This knowledge led, in 2002, to Terra Prima Organic Reserve using grapes grown in the Pinhao Valley from an entire vineyard, organically farmed, and managed by winemaker David Guimaraens and his viticultural team. The final stage in the port’s creation was finding a high-quality fortifying spirit producer that was also organically certified and recognised by the Port Wine Institute.

The thirteen years of research have had positive effects on the rest of Fonseca’s production. “Not only have we returned to the use of sulphur as copper sulphate (Bordeaux mixture) as natural substances but we have introduced new viticultural practices to our vineyards such as grass covers, which originates from our experiences in the organic vineyard,” Guimaraens said.

Terra Prima will be available to taste at the UK’s yearly big trade event, The London International Wine and Spirits Fair. I shall try and hunt it down for a slurp. Expected retail price is around 12 (US$20 approx).

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