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‘Berger or Blau, It’s Made for Food And How

By Lenn Thompson
Have you ever heard of, let alone tasted, Lemberger, Blaufrnkisch, Franconia, or Kekfrankos? If you’re a casual wine drinker, or even a more serious one, it’s entirely likely that you haven’t had any of them.
Of course, they are really all the same grape, just named differently in Germany, Austria, Friuli and Hungary respectively. […]

Three Newsletteres Every Wine Geek Needs to Read

By Tom Wark

Despite what you’ve heard, there is more to the traditional wine media than just Robert Parker Jr.’s “Wine Advocate” and the “Wine Spectator”.
Yes, the “Wine Spectator” is an advertising behemoth that has a loyal following of upwards of half a million readers. And Parker’s “Wine Advocate”, though fairly small in its circulation, is […]